Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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We can learn a lot from how the early Christians reacted during times of plague.

Developing our hearing

In biblical times, hearing was the key to understanding. Does the same adage ring true today?

The gospel in the storm

Paul's voyage to Rome, as detailed in the book of Acts, outlines the most significant truth in the New Testament.

Humble God

Jesus was naked on the cross. They never show that in the church-authorised depictions. It begs the question: have we Christians failed to recognise the radical nature of the jagged descent Jesus chose to make?

An affair to forgive

"Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely idea—until he has something to forgive."—C S Lewis

French feature: Connaître Jesus

Connaître Jésus ou avoir des connaissances sur lui? Dans notre cheminement sur terre en tant que disciple du Christ, quel est notre plus grande aspiration?


Where to find freedom in a sin-filled world.

The Olympics are here

There is a reason why the Olympics captures the attention of the world like no other event.

Living intentionally

Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Thursday... There are times when life feels a little bit meh. But the truth is there isn't a day that does not matter.

No apology for apologetics

Are you prepared to defend your faith?
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