Embrace wellness: get involved in Adventist Health Week!

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Adventist Health Week starts this Sabbath, May 13, with the theme “Designed to thrive”. It’s all about taking charge of our wellbeing and living our best lives.

The health team at the South Pacific Division (SPD) is tackling some of the biggest health challenges in the region. In Australia and New Zealand, ELIA Wellness is leading the charge by promoting whole-person health and lifestyle medicine resources and services. And in the Pacific islands, the 10,000 Toes Campaign is making waves in the fight against diabetes and non-communicable diseases through health screenings, education and much more.

To ensure everyone can get involved and is informed, a bundle of downloadable resources has been developed. From devotionals to social media graphics, children’s activities to posters and bulletin notices, there are many ways to share the word about Adventist Health Week.

On Sabbath, May 20, a special offering will be collected in churches to support SPD health initiatives, which include opening wellness hubs around the Pacific and training local ambassadors. Contributions can also be made via egiving.org.au and egiving.org.nz.

All the resources for Adventist Health Week can be found here.

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