Thursday, August 13, 2020
Tags 10000 Toes campaign

Tag: 10000 Toes campaign

World Church offering funds local projects

Plans for two mobile medical clinics, Hope TV and radio studios, and an animated children’s series have got the green light.

Health program results in baptisms in Fiji

"He was jubilant as they lifted him up in a chair into the pond." An amazing story of how a diabetic amputee came for health lectures and found Jesus.

Toe-riffic result for campaign

The 10,000 Toes tally has hit $200,000 thanks to generous support.

Adventist Church trailblazing lifestyle medicine in the Pacific

Church representatives recently launched plans for a South Pacific Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

Adventists help Solomons government tackle diabetes

“The aim is to influence the governments right across the Pacific and I think we are making big, bold advances in that area.”

Children challenged to focus on health

The chicken dance and a healthy food mufti day were among the fun activities.

Church and Government collaborate to save lives in the Solomons

Local churches will become “wellness hubs” in an effort to tackle the country’s lifestyle disease epidemic.
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