Tuesday, August 3, 2021
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Tag: Messiah

Give us this day our daily water

True worship in Christ cannot be confined to any single institutional structure. The Spirit is free like the wind.

The Creation

"Joseph Haydn's zest for life, deep Christian faith, and musical and dramatic gifts all combined to produce a profound setting of the creation account that touches heart, mind and soul."

Press on

Vania Chew reflects on how a piece of kitchen equipment taught her more about faith and God.

On this day . . .

October 17 is an historic day and not just because it’s when Adventist Record is coming out. It's special because many years ago on this day Bible prophecy was fulfilled.

Man or God

“Why do the teachers of the law say the Messiah is the son of David?”

Christmas blessing

They sat like two children, playing on the steps, outside Jerusalem’s temple. The game they played wasn’t one of competition or make-believe. It was a game children don’t play well. But they weren’t children, yet they laughed as they played.
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