Small office initiative grows into health movement across TPUM

TPUM Walk4Life team.

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A casual daily morning walk with Trans Pacific Union Mission office staff has become a movement and is encouraging church leaders and members throughout the TPUM territory to stay active.

The initiative, now named Walk4Life, started small when TPUM president Pastor Maveni Kaufononga invited office staff to join him and his wife each morning from Monday to Friday on a 30-minute walk starting at 5am. 

Running for 47 weeks, the initiative is growing throughout the pacific. A Facebook group page was created with more than 400 participants from around the Trans Pacific Union countries.

Pastors, teachers, and church members are encouraged to post a picture of themselves or the group they walked with each morning and upload it to the page. This has inspired many around different pacific countries to post from their various locations and share their exercise experience.

Pastor Tipalelupe Tapuai from American Samoa joined the movement influenced by the pictures shared on the Facebook page. “Every day I’d see pictures posted on the Walk4Life message group and page from TPUM leaders in Kiribati, Tonga, Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands and others. I thought to myself, if they, in their busy schedule, can do it, why can’t I? said Pastor Tapuai.

He joined his wife at the gym every afternoon and, after two weeks, lost 4.5kg. “It’s a big achievement in this land where food is in your face at every turn! This has changed my health and, ultimately, my lifestyle habits. Now I have more energy and a good mood. I also feel that I’m regaining my youthful strength. I am so glad that our leaders are leading by example,” he added.

Samoa and Tokelau Mission secretary Pastor Neru Nuuialii shared that he also has lost 6kg in weight since joining the program. Pastor Nuuialii not only does morning walks but also posts pictures of him and his family working in their garden. He shares quotes from Ellen White of how working in the garden is very beneficial and profitable to the health and wellbeing of the family.

Kiribati Mission president Pastor Taabua Rokeatau shared that he also made many lifestyle changes since joining the program and encourages his team and church members in Kiribati to join.

A strong supporter of staying active and healthy, Fiji Mission CFO Apisalome Seru has taken a different approach. He rides his bike every morning and also joined a fitness group in Suva called Box-Fit. “There are people at different stages in their health journey, and wherever you feel you are at, whether a beginner, intermediate or pro, Walk4Life is a great program to keep us all in check and keep up with each other’s progress,” said Mr Seru.

TPUM health director and 10,000 Toes Campaign coordinator George Kwong is excited about the potential this project has to promote more healthy habits in the community. “Our 10,000 Toes Campaign wishes to see Wellness Hubs across the TPUM region. Wellness Hubs are locations, places and anywhere that people gather for regular healthy activities. Walk4Life has become the fastest-growing mobile Wellness Hub in our region. The participation from our leaders and pastors is inspiring as this movement becomes a conduit for healthy living in our communities,” he said.

Starting this movement as a small project, Pastor Kaufononga is thrilled and overwhelmed with how the Walk4Life health initiative has grown over the last 10 months. “It is so good to see pastors, teachers, elders, and church members join this Walk4Life movement and share how it has helped them. Let us continue to look after our health as we serve God together throughout the Pacific,” said Pastor Kaufononga, who continues to promote the program wherever he goes around the pacific. 

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