The Child

Illustrator: Neroli Stayt, Trinity Beach FNQ

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He came as a baby…
Not in might and glory as a god might be expected to.
There was nothing in this infant to single him out as anything extraordinary. Beyond his story…
Just a tiny, helpless baby. Vulnerable and sweet.
Appealing to our softest nature, as every baby does.
In this little one, God was speaking to us of his intentions in this venture.
He had no desire to conquer and control us as a vengeful lord might.
No thought of demanding his creative rights.
He wanted to win hearts.
To show us that he was with us! On our side! Ready to be a part of our lives.
To melt our hearts.
As an infant does.
So we’d understand.
He wasn’t here to seize us.
He was here to lead us to freedom.

Tanya Caldwell is a theatre nurse with a passion for sharing God, as she sees Him. Writing from Perth, WA.

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