Change coming for Hope Channel viewers

The change also provides new opportunities.

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Hope Channel viewers in Australia are being encouraged to consider their options after a decision by Optus to decommission its D2 satellite in March 2023.

There are two options: to transition to the VAST satellite service or stream Hope Channel via your home internet.

VAST is where many of the other Christian broadcasters, including 3ABN, are transitioning to. It requires a new set-top box and an adjustment to your satellite dish. Alternatively, you can go online and stream Hope Channel via FaithStream or Amazon Fire or another streaming service.

“I know change is not always easy nor welcomed, but change also provides new opportunities to reach people with the story of Jesus,” said Hope Channel South Pacific director Pastor Wayne Boehm. “For example, going onto VAST is giving us a totally new viewing audience of 1 million people.

“However, our key priority is to make the transition period as smooth as possible for our viewers and we are here to assist wherever we can so that you can continue receiving Hope Channel, 3ABN and other Christian channels.”

For information on where to find your closest satellite installer, or if you have any other questions, go to or phone 9847 2222.

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