Former United Church bishop baptised in PNG

Joseph Nopei (left) publicly sharing his testimony before being baptized by Pastor Eddie.

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A former United Church bishop was baptised recently with his wife as a Seventh-day Adventist in Papua New Guinea. 

With a Master’s degree in Theology from Pacific Theological College in Fiji, Joseph Nopei was convinced by the biblical Sabbath in 1996 while he was a deputy principal and lecturer at Rarongo Theological College in the East New Britain Province. 

“I shared my newfound truth with theology students and with my colleagues, but they tried to convince me otherwise and I told them you haven’t convinced me one bit,” Mr Nopei recalls. 

Wrestling with his new understanding—which he called the faith issue— for 25 years, Mr Nopei decided to join the Adventist Church and was finally baptised in 2021 along with his wife, Stella.

Joseph and Stella Nopei (left) after the baptism.

The couple is now studying at Sonoma Adventist College to become Adventist ministers and share their newfound faith. 

He is currently writing a book titled My Story, where he hopes to share the truths about the Sabbath and why he left his former church. The book will also contain a chapter entitled “The Missing Commandment”, completely dedicated to explaining the fourth commandment. 

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