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I love hearing stories about how people read, respond and even change their lives because of something they’ve read in an Adventist magazine, especially Adventist Record or Signs of the Times. The fact our content has the power to inspire people to action is a great blessing and a great responsibility.

For a little while, we’ve used the tagline Record is “more than a magazine”. This is true in two ways. First, it acknowledges the fact Record is available on a number of platforms and second, the magazine is a valuable space to hold conversations, keep our members informed and build community.

One of my favourite things about being editor is hearing all the stories. We love telling stories of how God is using people and ministries throughout the South Pacific Division to make a real impact on the world.

I’ve heard of ministries started, decisions made for baptism and Bible study and people inspired in their faith, by even the smallest and seemingly inconsequential snippets of information. Just like the body of Christ, there is no section of Record, whether it be Flashpoint, features or even Noticeboard, that does not serve a purpose and have a part to play. And just like the church, all those different parts often miraculously find some form of harmony or thread running through each issue, even when no theme is planned.

One of my favourite examples of this is the story of Bruce Hill, manager of Crosslands Adventist Campground in the Greater Sydney Conference. Bruce was going through a time in his life where he had suffered some health problems from stress and overwork. He was praying for and seeking a change, when a man at church shared a Record article with him. While that article wasn’t life-changing, in the same issue, Bruce saw an ad for the Crosslands manager position. In his own words:

“We prayed and applied for the job. After a lengthy process, we flew to Sydney and stayed at Crosslands for the final interview. While helping on the site, I was asked to drive the bobcat. When I was told the PIN code to start it, my response was “Wow! are you serious?” The PIN code was the same numbers as our house alarm! I remember thinking, God is this a sign? Needless to say, we got the job!”

This small snippet of information (an advert) changed Bruce and his wife Maxine’s lives—they became involved in a ministry they love. “We want Crosslands to be a place where people don’t just come to have fun, but meet God so He can change lives and enlarge His kingdom.”

Bruce’s story is featured in this year’s Record offering video.

I’ve been blessed over the years to hear of stories of life-changing moments or impactful things that have happened in people’s lives directly after being inspired by something they’ve read in Record. And none of it would be possible without the support of the South Pacific Division and you dear reader. Your submissions, your letters, your engagement, your offering this week, make this important magazine freely available so we can keep telling stories that inspire each and every one of us.

These stories warm my heart but I’m sure there are myriads more. We’d love to hear your stories of how Record (or Signs) has impacted your life. Please send them to And keep writing and engaging with the conversation on our website, social media channels and of course the physical magazine. We love getting stories from across our region and our friendly staff will work out how to best get your story in print if we can. I’d like to thank our staff, from those in the office here in Wahroonga to our essential printing team in Warburton, Victoria, to our church leaders who support and make this ministry possible. Many Divisions in the world don’t have anything equivalent to Record to help members stay in touch.

This Sabbath’s offering (May 7) helps the South Pacific Division to continue to fund our Adventist Record so we can continue telling our stories, sharing our hope and building our community.

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