Thursday, October 29, 2020
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No cash? No problem. Pastor Glenn Townend highlights some "cashless" ways we can give back to God.

‘I took change from the offering basket . . .’

. . . the look on the deacon's face was priceless.

Vanuatu Mission sees increase in giving in aftermath of Cyclone Pam

Only one year on from Cyclone Pam, which devastated Vanuatu, damaging Adventist churches and schools, Vanuatu Mission has reported that tithes and offerings collected in 2016 exceeded budgeted figures.

Money matters

In order for us to be "cheerful givers", we actually have to give.

$1 million offering more than expected

Thirty children’s discipleship centres will be built throughout the South Pacific Division after it received more than $A1 million from the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church for special projects.

Into every home

Each year the Adventist World Radio offering is one of the biggest offerings collected in our Division. But I wonder how many of us understand exactly how the money is spent?

GFC may cost Adventist Church millions

The Seventh-day Adventist Church raised $US4 million for youth evangelism and saved nearly $3 million at the General Conference Session in San Antonio, but an economic storm fueled by restive global markets may cost the church millions of dollars.

Tithes and offerings

“It is now time to collect the offering for today, will the deacons please come forward to collect the offering.” It's not really motivating is it? We need to do a better job in encouraging people to give freely and cheerfully.

Give them the keys

You have a gift. Your gift is a key. Your key can open hearts to the One who gave it all for you. You have the chance to give someone else the opportunity to use their key.

E-Giving gets an E-dit

God doesn’t need our money, of course, but we need to give; it’s part of being spiritually healthy. And the new e-giving systems make staying in spiritual shape easier.
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