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What in the Word: Hear/listen

Listening follows hearing. One can hear many things without listening. Dr Tabua Tuima explores the origin and meanings of these words.

What surfing taught me about surrender

Why does surrender seem so difficult? Do we have an incorrect understanding of it? Is it something we are or are not doing? Have our expectations of God been wrong? 

Reinder Bruinsma talks pandemic, books and hope

Dr Reinder Bruinsma is a retired church administrator and academic in The Netherlands, who continues to write and teach. He talked with about his recent book projects, as well as their links to his life and experience.

Book review: Listening in the Morning

Written by teacher, lecturer and passionate educator Dr Trevor Lloyd, Listening in the Morning is a devotional book with a singular golden thread running throughout: teaching is a missional calling.

Book Review: 1922

As the story of a changing church in a changing world, 1922 resists simple answers, but identifies significant questions we are yet to fully confront.

Speaking the right language

We need to become masters of language, those who truly proclaim the gospel to every “tongue”.

Book Review: Living Kingdom

Living Kingdom would be an excellent resource for small groups and Bible studies, as well as for personal or family devotional time.

What in the Word: Son of the Most High

The title “Son of the Most High” (uios upsistou)—instead of being one of the most distinguished of the titles of Jesus—actually unites Him with His followers.

Is online church real church?

Certainly, during lockdowns, it was a great way to church without going to church. But the question, again—is online church really church?