New online prayer event will uplift Union needs

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A new “House of prayer” online event is being introduced by the South Pacific Division to pray for specific needs in each of the four Unions and the region.

The first event, planned for Friday evening, April 22, will bring forward specific requests from each union, Australia (AUC), New Zealand Pacific (NZPUC), Trans Pacific (TPUM) and Papua New Guinea (PNGUM).

“The Adventist Church is built on prayer,” said Dr Nick Kross, SPD director of Public Affairs and Religious Liberty. “Now more than ever, we need to come and pray together, seeking the power and presence of God in our lives and in the church.”

Hoping to run one “House of prayer” event each quarter, the idea came about after the success of two other online prayer gatherings held to address specific religious liberty issues in Australia and New Zealand.

“When we held those two events, it was specifically for pieces of legislation [that were coming before parliament] in Australia and in New Zealand. There’s always a need for us to come to God and stand with God on these issues. We might not think we have political punch as a church, but we have access to the most powerful Monarch in the universe. God ultimately is still protecting His people.”

Examples of the requests that have come in from the Unions for this event include for the lifestyle health crisis the church is addressing in TPUM; leaders in the outer islands for NZPUC; and for Sabbath schools in Australia.

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