Book Review: Enough

Enough, written by Tamyra Horst.

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Enough: Discovering a God Who is Enough When You’re Not

by Tamyra Horst

Enough leads the reader into a better understanding of what it means to feel like you are “not enough” and how to change this mindset. Author Tamyra Horst explains that, for many years, she understood that it was the enemy placing the feelings of being not enough into her mind. But, until she realised that in God’s eyes we are always enough, she was not able to accept a new way of looking at herself. To relax with the knowledge that God thought she was great all the time and to be able to move forward feeling like she actually was enough gave her the power and security to great things for Him.

Horst has served as a Women’s Ministries leader for more than 30 years and is an experienced speaker and author. Yet she knows firsthand the battle of not feeling good enough, growing up feeling that she was not pretty enough, not smart enough, not talented enough while at the same time feeling like she was too shy, to quiet or too sensitive. These messages bombard us even more today with the advent of social media informing us of our inadequacies. Little wonder that this is becoming more of a problem with not only adults but younger people as well.

Enough looks at women in the Bible, such as Martha, and unpacks their insecurities, explaining their stories from a different angle. These women went on to do great things once they realised that they were enough in God’s eyes.

There are many degrees of feeling “not enough” but these chapters guide you through the everyday issues that can arise and how, through trust in our heavenly Father, we will feel empowered enough to do things we never thought we were good enough to do. Each chapter has a promise, a pray and thoughtful questions to help you through, which could be used for individual study or a small group, so get your friends together and see how the lessons of Enough can change your lives.

Enough: Discovering a God Who is Enough When You’re Not is available from Adventist book stores in Australia and New Zealand, or online.

Sonia Knight is resources manager at Adventist Media, Warburton, Victoria.

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