Adventist message spreads quickly across PNG through small groups

The Kilikil Small Group meets under the trees to read the Bible together.

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The Adventist message is spreading across the Madang and Manus Mission (MMM) in Papua New Guinea faster than ever, with four small groups actively participating in Discovery Bible Reading (DBR) programs.

According to MMM president Pastor Garry Luakei, who visited the groups on Sabbath, July 3, a small group format is proving to be the best way to reach people in the area, with new people joining every week.

“I was really happy to spend whole Sabbath with the small groups,” he said. “The work is moving and people are ready to receive the message. [The groups] also said that Discover Jesus Bible is the best tool.”

The first group sits on a green mat to study the Bible.

The first small group, called the “LBC Small Group”, is rapidly growing and consists of more than 30 people who meet in a house each week. They have dozens of people from non-Adventist homes studying with them.

The second small group is called the “Kilikil Small Group”, led by Selve Warrel and his wife and son. They worship beside the sea underneath trees. In total, there are 27 community members attending this small group.

The third small group consists of eight members from non-Adventist denominations, who faithfully complete the DBR program every Tuesday and Thursday night and also attend church on Sabbath.

Selve Warrel (red shirt) standing next to the Catholic Father (multicoloured shirt) and his brother who both attend regularly.

The last group is the “Tommy Small Group” led by Tommy Darius, which is comprised of more than 18 street boys. The boys attend this small group every evening because they “want to know the truth”.

Pastor Luakei was encouraged by his visitations and says that the Holy Spirit is working actively in the lives of small group members.

“God is working and the Spirit is moving the hearts of men and women to respond to the gospel. I am convinced that if small groups become active, the Adventist presence will be felt in all villages in Madang and Manus like never before.”

The “Tommy Small Group” who meet together every evening.
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