New Caledonia celebrates baptisms and ordinations

Attendees gathering on the seashore to witness the baptisms.

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The Adventist church in Mare and the New Caledonia Mission celebrated a special day on May 9 with the ordination of three elders and the baptism of five people.

The elders were ordained during the morning Sabbath service, followed by communion. The baptismal candidates—Evelyn Waheo, Charles Roine, Arlette Roine, Tom Wright and Edmond—then gave their hearts to Jesus in the afternoon.

A: Evelyn Waheo (15 years old); B: Arlette Roine (wife of Charles); C: Charles Roine (Chief of Thogone tribe); D: Tom Wright (young man who loves Jesus); E&F: Edmond and his mother.

Each person baptised had an inspiring story to share.

Mr Roine’s baptism in particular sent shockwaves through his community. As chief of the Thogone tribe in the north of Mare, he was serving as a deacon in a Protestant church until an Adventist evangelistic meeting in Thogone in late 2019. Now, his village is organised as an Adventist company, which has resulted in four baptisms.

In addition, Edmond was baptised after the Juvenile Court of Noumea sent him to an Adventist home for recovery from behavioural issues. There, he became interested in the Bible and Jesus and soon expressed his desire to be baptised.

It was a high day for all involved. Everyone in attendance prayed for the new members and elders and praised God.

Pastor Felix and Pastor Steve with the new elders and their wives.
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