Young people get baptised amidst COVID-19 epidemic

The baptisms taking place.

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While the rest of the world is shutting down, 18 young people in Nakandokum—a community consisting of three villages in East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea—made the decision to get baptised on April 4, following an evangelism hosted by young people utilising the World Changers Discovery Bible Reading program.

“What touches my heart is that while catastrophes are hitting our world, it hasn’t stopped young people going into the water to accept Jesus Christ,” said Sepik Mission youth director Pastor Misikaram Guguna.

The baptism is the “first fruit” of World Changers Discovery Bible Reading (WCDBR) evangelism in Sepik Mission that was launched in July 2019 by Papua New Guinea Union Mission youth director Pastor Lonol Winnie.

Following the launch, the Sepik Mission youth department trained young missionaries—Minister Fabian and Minister Dickson, among others—to be “world changers” in Nakandokum, a community dominated by Catholic, New Apostolic and Life in the Spirit denominations.

After Mr Fabian conducted small “cottage meetings” and appealed to the young attendees to give their lives to Christ, the Sepik Mission youth department provided further WCDBR training and conducted church planting.

“I visited them in November 2019 [and could] not hold back my tears of joy hearing these young people sharing their joy and love for their new found faith. I prayed, one on one with some of them whom I felt [could] stand up as world changers. [I] encouraged them not look back but stand tall for Christ,” said Pastor Guguna.

The church plant started by Minister Fabian and other church leaders is the first to arise as a result of WCDBR in the Sepik Mission.

“I praise God for the two young world changer agents Minister Fabian and Minister Dickson for working well with the youth department here in implementing World Changers guide and DBR method accordingly,” said Pastor Guguna.

He also added, “I would like to thank PNGUM youth ministry leader Pastor Lonol Winnie and South Pacific Division youth ministry director Dr Nick Kross for allocating more than 8000 World Changers Bibles to our department here in the Sepik Mission.”

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