Doug Batchelor’s Australian tour inspires hundreds to prepare for Christ’s return

Pastor Doug Batchelor preaching.

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Hundreds gathered in Adelaide (South Australia) and Melbourne (Victoria) for a series of presentations by internationally renowned evangelist Pastor Doug Batchelor, entitled “Preparing for Christ’s Return”.

Centered on current global events, Pastor Batchelor’s presentations began with a regional in Adelaide from February 7-11, before continuing in Melbourne from February 12-15. Topics included the prominent signs of Jesus’ return, mounting tensions between Christianity and Islam, the prophetic 144,000 described in Revelation, and standing for truth in the last days.

In Adelaide, there was an average attendance of 400 guests per night, with double sessions held to facilitate the crowds. The series was also live-streamed in various languages by Living Ministry Media, an Adelaide-based group of volunteers, with each video receiving thousands of views—one exceeding 25,000 views. The presentations were also broadcast on Faith FM radio.

Thousands of books and literature on prophecy and the Bible were sold at the events. In addition, displays by ADRA, Faith FM and the Adventist Motorcycle Ministry attracted interested visitors.

“Our pastoral team [in Adelaide] are now following up the 33 people who made a decision for baptism or re-baptism,” said South Australian Conference president David Butcher. “Over 100 people registered for the follow-up seminars, which are now being conducted across 11 churches and venues in Adelaide.”

The large turnout can be attributed to the faithful work of literature evangelists and volunteers who worked in surrounding suburbs of Adelaide prior to the event. Youth who attended the recent Adventist Youth for Christ conference in Melbourne also advertised as a form of outreach.

Like Adelaide, Melbourne attracted crowds, and many responded to Pastor Batchelor’s call to give their lives to Jesus.

“The Robert Blackwood Hall seats about 1600 and it was totally booked out,” said Victorian Conference president Pastor Graeme Christian. “There was a real buzz. . . . Many signed up for follow-on programs, the first of which has commenced on Tuesday this week, with new people from the weekend in attendance.”

A highlight of the series in Melbourne was a special concert by Paul Lee, who sang at the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. He was accompanied by Sydney-based singers Marleta Fong and Sanja Kitevski.

Pastor Christian said that Pastor Batchelor’s visit was a natural flow-on from the Revelation Today series that happened in Melbourne last May, and that it fit perfectly into the conference’s five-year harvest model.

“We are focusing on following-up with those who were baptised last year,” said Pastor Christian. We’ve had record baptisms so far this year and this will help the momentum to continue.”

“Pastor Batchelor is one of the best at reaching people,” echoed Pastor Butcher. “Our goal with these programs was to see changed lives.”

Pastor Batchelor is currently the president of Amazing Facts and the pastor of Granite Bay Church in California. He is also the presenter of Australia’s fastest growing Christian television program Amazing Facts Presents, which airs on Channel 9 Gem.

“We’ve been here 10 days in Australia . . . and I preached 18 times. . . . We met dozens of people who’ve said, ‘We came to the Lord by watching the programs here in Australia.’ Thank you for making it all possible,” Pastor Batchelor said in a final address.

To watch the presentations by Pastor Batchelor, please visit Amazing Facts Oceania’s Facebook page.

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