1600 attend evangelistic series launch in Melbourne

Pastor John Bradshaw presenting at the Revelation Today series. (Credit: Samantha Rule)

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The Victorian Conference’s “Revelation Today” evangelistic series launched on May 3, with more than 1600 people attending the opening sessions.

The series—hosted by popular It Is Written speakers, Pastors John Bradshaw and Eric Flickenger—is being held at four locations around Melbourne and is a key part of the Conference’s Harvest Victoria initiative. Some of the opening sessions were so full that there was standing room only; others needed additional chairs brought in to cater for the crowds. A further 1200 people have been watching the series online.

Revelation Today/Harvest Victoria project manager Pastor Fraser Catton said it is exciting to see the number of attendees interested in studying the Bible.

“One lady saw an ad for it [the series] on TV in Ballarat, which is an hour-and-a-half away from Melbourne. She was so excited to be studying Revelation, she drove from there to attend,” Pastor Catton said.

“John and Eric are excellent presenters and they have presented in a way that is non-confrontational but challenging. It has been really good to see people who are really passionate about wanting to study the Bible. It’s exciting to see them engaging with it and asking meaningful questions.”

Special music during the program. (Credit: Samantha Rule)

Of those attending, at least half are from other faith backgrounds or no faith background.

The program is being supported by around 250 volunteers. Local church pastors are contacting the attendees during the series to build relationships and to respond to any questions they might have.

“At the end of the series each local church will be running a follow-up series and will be inviting the guests [from Revelation Today],” Pastor Catton said.

“The one thing we have noticed, having it set around four different locations in a city, the churches are collaborating quite closely, which has really built the Adventist community in the city.

“Please pray for the program and the guests who are attending that the Holy Spirit will continue to work and we will see amazing things happen.”

Revelation Today continues until June 1 with four sessions weekly at each venue.

Pastor Eric Flickenger presents. (Credit: Jill May)
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