New-look Mums At The Table ministry revealed

Shona Solomon (left) and Rachel Humphries, on one of the two new sets of the Mums At The Table show.

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A new-look Mums At The Table TV show has launched on Australian and New Zealand free-to-air channels.

Featuring two new sets, the weekly show’s filming style reflects the ministry’s refined focus: to connect with and target an increasingly digital-focused audience. The show features six regular segments: “Table Talk” is a talk-show style segment featuring Rachel Humphries and Shona Solomon, “Nutrition” features accredited practising dietitian Amanda Muhl and “Cooking” is presented by mother-and-daughter duo Gia and Olive. In the remaining three segments, Fiona Lelilio-Tiatia interviews GP Dr Simone Kooke (for “Ask the Doctor”), digital discipleship strategist Rachel Lemons Aitken (“Mums in Tech”) and psychologist Collett Smart (“Wellbeing”).

The new-style show has coincided with the re-launch of the Mums At The Table magazine, which is now available once every two months to paid subscribers. Funded by generous donations, the magazine was previously available for free every month to churches, schools, community groups and individual subscribers. Due to substantial growth, a subsidised annual subscription fee was introduced to help cover the cost of printing and distributing the magazine.

“It’s such an awesome TV show and magazine,” Krystal wrote in an email, after subscribing to the magazine for herself and a friend.

Plans are underway to initiate the final phase of the Mums At The Table strategic goal: a partnership program to connect mums with local Adventist churches through the ministry’s closed Facebook group, which has more than 5000 members from Australia and New Zealand.

Mums At The Table is a multi-media ministry of Adventist Media. Churches and mums interested in being a part of the ministry can contact To become a donor or to subscribe to the magazine, go to

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