The joy of spring

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It’s springtime, Jesus!

Have you noticed the spring flowers opening, one species at a time, gradually building up to a palette of colour to delight our senses? What a variety You created for us to enjoy. How many beautiful colours and exquisite designs—from the delicate rosebud to the soft mauve spring stars, the fragrant freesias and fluffy seed heads of the dandelions.

The birds too, bustling around with sticks and grass, flying around protecting their territory from others and singing their early morning songs to let the others know where that is.

Such busyness should be a lesson for us, shouldn’t it?

Even the sky seems bluer after winter’s greyness and the breezes set the new leaves a-dancing to add to the excitement of the season. The cottonwood leaves twirl and spin, sounding like spring showers as the breeze passes through.

When You were growing up, Jesus, did You have time to rejoice in the spring? Perhaps in the early morning You went to a special spot out in the fields or vineyards to talk to Your Heavenly Father and saw the lilies and poppies springing up among the new grass by the wayside. Maybe there was a special tree where a little bird had built a nest and You could watch the hatching and growing young ones. [pullquote]

How busy the parents had to be, filling those gaping mouths with caterpillars and flying insects. They work hard to do their bit keeping the balance in nature, as You had planned in Creation.

Maybe You watched the sunrise in the cool of the morning and felt the warmth gradually spreading over the countryside, driving out the winter’s chill. After all You are “the Sun of righteousness” (Malachi 4:2).

Perhaps during the day You needed to deliver some of Your perfectly finished furniture to customers in the village and noticed some green spires of grass or a golden dandelion, pushing up between the paving stones.

Spring seems to make its presence felt everywhere doesn’t it? All Your works praise You, Jesus, and how can we ever thank You? Please accept our praise too.

Then came the springtime of Your ministry, Jesus. That must have been so exciting. The recognition of John and Your baptism, where Your Heavenly Father acknowledged You, by announcing to all present, that You are His beloved Son.

Oh, if only more people had understood.

The choosing of Your disciples and watching their new faith steadily growing, must have been encouraging. How the crowds flocked to see You. Remember the joy You felt healing all their diseases, bringing happiness and hope into their lives. You even brought people back to life!

But this was before the scorching summer heat of criticism and the cruel winter pain of desertion and the cross. Jesus, You did it all for me! I bow before You.

Dear Jesus, will it be perpetual spring in the new earth? Will there always be changing waves of flowers and happy birdsong, green leaves and warming sunshine? How we will enjoy it! But best of all, dear Jesus, will be having You there to explore it all with us! You are our wonderful Creator, Friend and Saviour.

What joy!

Edith Sullivan writes from Cardross, Victoria.

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