Tuesday, October 26, 2021
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What in the Word: Hope

Dr David Thiele explores the origin and meanings of the word hope.

A Christmas blessing

"It is more blessed to give than receive."—Acts 20:35

The joy of spring

Edith Sullivan pens a letter of praise to the Creator of spring.

The Ten: Bible verses to bring hope when you’re sad or...

When life brings you to your knees, stand on the promises of God.

tingting long wok bilong God

There is joy and purpose in knowing—really knowing—Jesus. Max Zaccias reflects (in both Tok Pisin and English).

Mr Happy Man

This was the face of the happiest man in Bermuda, perhaps even in the entire world. He died on July 10 a happy man, a hero and an Adventist.

Behind the smile

Robin Williams was "the funny guy", credited with bringing joy and laughter to millions of people around the world. Who knew so much darkness could be hiding behind such a bright smile?
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