Tuesday, September 17, 2019
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Tag: creation

The joy of spring

Edith Sullivan pens a letter of praise to the Creator of spring.

Conference explores biblical and scientific evidence for Creation

More than 200 people have been attending this week's South Pacific Division Faith & Science Conference at Avondale College of Higher Education, with a further 80-100 online viewers.


Kent Kingston makes a case for getting outside and going feral.

The problem with boundaries

The body of Christ is not immune to the issues surrounding boundaries.

Faith and science

An invitation to an adventure of faith, science, wonder and discovery.

Moment of reflection

How a sparrow and a dragonfly helped Pastor Glenn Townend develop an important habit.


Sunset paints pink, then magenta, then navy blue up the sky At twilight she points her telescope and waits with eyes lifted high The realm of...

Steadfast love

Ross Chadwick discusses his favourite word and why it is so important to our relationship with God.

Health nutters

Is it time to rediscover our health message?

28 Fundamentals: Creator, Completer

"In the beginning" God did more than just create. (Fundamental Belief #28)
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