Children show courage and faith

Students Denelis Jeffrey and Mosso Chris.

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Two Adventist children in Papua New Guinea have shown courage and faith when faced with a situation at odds with their religious beliefs.

Mosso Chris and Denelis Jeffrey, from the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, attend Torokina Catholic Church Agency Elementary School. During a school activity on March 5, the children’s teacher told all the students to march past a cement cross from an old Catholic Church that was destroyed during the Bougainville Civil War.

“When they approached the cement image, the teacher commanded every student to bow before the image, but these two Adventist kids did not bow or worship the image,” said Kutoss District associate director Pastor Greson Lenon. “They stood and watched the other students bowing down.

“It was a test of faith for these two children but they stood firm on the Bible truth. The two children knew the story of Daniel and his three friends as recorded in the Bible, which was taught by their parents and in their children’s Sabbath School class.”

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