Experienced journalist named new communication director

Tracey Bridcutt.

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The South Pacific Division has appointed a new communication director. Tracey Bridcutt, who was head of news and editorial at Adventist Media, will take on the role, while still based at AM. Mrs Bridcutt enters the role with 25 years of experience as an editor, copyeditor and journalist for both Fairfax and News Corp, Australia’s two biggest media companies.

“Tracey Bridcutt is a talented communicator,” said SPD president, Pastor Glenn Townend. “Her experience in the Australian print media as a journalist makes her very good in crisis and dealing with challenges. She is great at working with people including leading the news and media team. Tracey is a dedicated Adventist who wants to strategically see a multiplying movement of disciples.”

Currently, Mrs Bridcutt is the only female communication director for the world church’s 13 divisions.

“I’m looking forward to raising awareness of all the great things the Seventh-day Adventist Church is doing and how it is making a real difference in many people’s lives across the South Pacific,” she said.

Former communication director Dr Steve Currow has returned to academia, as the Vice President for Research and Academia at Avondale College. Dr Currow also held the religious liberty and ministerial portfolios; however, the current communication director will not retain them.

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