The Ten: Biblical characters with a famous sibling

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1. Nathan

Named after the Old Testament prophet, King David and Bathsheba’s third son had several younger brothers, and an older brother Solomon, who would eventually become king of Israel and the wisest man on earth. (Read 2 Samuel 5:14)

2. Midian

Recognise this name? Moses eventually settled in the land of Midian, where he met his wife Zipporah—but many years earlier, the original Midian had been sent to colonise the area by his father, Abraham. Midian’s mother was Abraham’s second wife Keturah, making him a half-brother to Isaac and Ishmael. (Read Genesis 25:2)

3. Joses

Also a brother to James, Judas, Simon and several sisters, Joses (who is referred to in some translations by his Hebrew name, Joseph) had the most famous Brother in the world: Jesus Christ. (Read Mark 6:3)

4. Raddai

The middle child syndrome would have affected poor Raddai—he had four older brothers, two younger brothers and several sisters (it’s unknown whether they were older or younger). Last to join the family, however, was baby David—who would eventually grow up to be king of Israel. (Read 1 Chronicles 2:14)

5. Miriam

Daughter of Amram and Jochebed and sister to Aaron, Miriam is best known for watching over her other brother, Moses as he floated on the Nile River as a baby in a basket, eventually returning to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. (Read Numbers 26:59)

6. Archelaus

A political leader in Samaria, Judea and Idumea for nine years, Archelaus, unfortunately, didn’t have the most wholesome sibling—his brother Herod Antipas wanted to kill Jesus as he had done with John the Baptist. (Read Matthew 2:22)

7. Dinah

After having six boys, Leah finally gave birth to a baby girl and named her Dinah. The daughter of Jacob, Dinah had a lot of brothers, but none more famous than Joseph. (Read Genesis 30:21)

8. Nahor and Haran

Keeping it in the family, the Bible mentions several interactions between these two brothers and their third brother Abram—After Haran’s death, Abram was the one to raise Haran’s son Lot, and when Abram needed a bride for his son Isaac, he sent a messenger to his brother Nahor’s house. (Read Genesis 11:27)

9. Jotham

You may have heard of Abimelech—the man so driven to become king that he slaughtered 70 of his own brothers, sons of his father Jerubbaal. But Jotham, the youngest son, hid during the massacre and was able to escape shortly after. (Read Judges 9:5)

10. Lahmi

Not a lot is known about this giant Philistine except that he was struck down in battle—much like his brother, Goliath. (Read 1 Chronicles 20:5)

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