Record readers: Top 10 features in 2018

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In 2018, we had more than 60 different feature authors across our 25 magazine issues. We also had web-exclusive content and reprints from some of our Adventist colleagues.

Here are some of our most popular faith-filled features that you visited on our website in 2018. All of these features clocked in at more than 1000 views this past year.

We liked them, and you seemed to like reading, sharing and commenting on them too, so here they are again—just in case you missed them the first time or want a refresher!

10. I have a dream

This piece was an online exclusive, never appearing in any print editions. Melody Tan outlined her dreams for a loving, inclusive church that we can all be part of seeing come true.

9. Church clothes anxiety

An editorial that examines church attitudes and dress codes and asks the question, “what is the most important thing to wear to church?”

8. How many wise men were there and were they really kings?

Another online exclusive, this Christmas piece was borrowed—a reprint from our friends at Adventist Review. Carlos Olivares takes a fascinating look at some of the myths that have sprung up around the “three wise men” and how it all really happened.

7. A just man

In this story we meet the New Testament’s unsung hero—Joseph, the father of Jesus. Although this story was first printed in 2017, it is still amazingly popular, making it into 2018’s top 10 features list.

6. ‘Infertility: It’s hard when you’re a Christian . . .’

This heart-wrenching editorial looked at the pain and questions that infertile Christian couples face and how to maintain faith through the tough times.

5. Is the Trinity pagan?

This interesting examination of the Trinity doctrine focused on the origins of the idea and whether or not there might be some pagan crossovers.

4. 144,000: Literal or symbolic?

An exposition of the prophetic 144,000 number found in the Bible and what it really means.

3. Cross cultural marriage

Another hit from 2017 that just keeps giving. Was Ellen White against cross cultural marriage? What does the Bible say on the topic? This editorial examines some of those questions.

2. Misunderstanding Job’s wife

Another throwback, this story—from late 2016—continues to be hugely popular. Job’s wife is often maligned but is she just misunderstood? Steve Thompson takes an alternative view to the commonly held idea that Job’s wife was a horrible person for encouraging him to die. Although it’s been awhile since we published this story, it continues to resonate and, while not everyone agrees, it has certainly created conversation.

1. Why I don’t go to church

The top feature for 2018! This one is worth reading again. Assistant editor Maritza Brunt examined what it really means to go to church. While the title was a little bit clickbait-y to grab your attention and get you to read it, the message was/is really important. Many readers missed the point of the article, but the story did get some international exposure online, which means that it’s 2018’s top feature.

Thank you for reading, engaging and sharing our features in 2018. We look forward to bringing you more important and faith-building features this year.

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