I have a dream

(Photo: Magda Ehlers/Pexels)

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I dream of a world where I don’t need to feel relief for giving birth to a son and not a daughter, because it means he doesn’t have to face as many obstacles, dangers or discrimination.

I dream of a world where sons and daughters are both free to like the colour pink, be obsessed with trucks, perform ballet and play football.

I dream of a world where sons respect women, know when to ask for permission and understand that when it comes to her body, no means no, not try harder.

I dream of a world where daughters don’t need to fight doubly hard and still earn less than their male counterparts for doing the same jobs.

I dream of a world where sons know they have equal responsibility when it comes to household chores as does the woman they will eventually marry.

I dream of a world where daughters can feel free to be passionate and emotional, and not be labelled irrational or pre-menstrual.

I dream of a world where it’s normal for dads to stay home and look after the kids, while mums go to work full-time.

I dream of a world where our sons and daughters can go to a church, not only to learn about the amazing love of God but to be able to practically share that love with everybody else.

I dream of a church that not only preaches, but actually displays their belief that there is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither male nor female, and that all are one in Christ Jesus.

I dream of a church with leaders who love everybody as much as they love themselves—as much as Christ loved humanity—and who realise this means giving women as much recognition as they give men.

I dream of a church where its male leaders aren’t afraid to give women equal power, because they know women can make sound judgements and represent at least half of the church family.

I dream of a church where when we refer to its leaders, we don’t immediately assume he’s a man but that she could be an equally capable, knowledgeable and wise person.

I dream of a church where I truly belong, not as some second-class citizen purely by merit of my own gender.

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