Book Review: Conviction

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Troy Fitzgerald

“There are things that you can do, want to do, and should do but a conviction is something you feel you must do,” explains author Troy Fitzgerald in his new book Conviction. Although this book is written primarily for young adults—it is being sold as the Young Adult Devotional book for 2019—I found it a refreshing approach to daily devotions. Sometimes as older Christians it is often beneficial to come back to the grass roots and see Jesus through younger eyes and get the conviction back into our lives again.

Research has shown that young people require a simpler approach to their relationship with their Saviour. But for any of us constantly bombarded with information, it is a relief to have time to reflect on one thought and put into practice throughout the whole week. It is with this idea in mind that Conviction has been written with 52 weekly ideas to prompt the thoughts and actions of the reader. [pullquote]

Troy Fitzgerald is a youth pastor at Walla Walla University Church. The chapter topics in Conviction were chosen by young people Troy works with, so they are relevant to our lives today. At the end of each chapter are suggestions for applying these examples during the week and Bible texts for further study or discussion. Because the chapters have also been grouped into like subjects such as “Being Human”, “Beyond Belief” and “Kingdom Convictions”, Conviction would also be great for small groups or those who would like to study together.

I didn’t get the luxury of reading Conviction across a whole year but rather a long weekend. I came away with the feeling that I would benefit from taking the time to read it again. I think it would be great for someone who is time-poor as the ideas in each chapter keep you thinking long after they have been read.

Sonia Knight is resources manager for Adventist Media.

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