Sunday, October 17, 2021
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GC Executive Committees

On what are you basing your idea of church unity?

SPD responds to compliance action

South Pacific Division Church leaders have reaffirmed their support for women in ministry following the decision to formally warn six union conferences for practices related to ordination.

Year-end meetings focus on compliance and discipleship

The Division Executive Committee meetings—two days where many important discussions are held about the Church in the South Pacific.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is my home

Wrestling with two different visions of church, David Toogood explores what his ideal church would look like.

Others used by God

Adventists have an important and timely message to share with the world. But God has a powerful ministry amongst other Christians too.

I have a dream

The recent church compliance conversation started Melody Tan dreaming big dreams for future generations.

Harmony with the world Church

A look at the background behind the voted compliance document.

Australian church responds to GC compliance document; leaders call for calm,...

An update on the situation regarding compliance and unity in the world Church, in the lead up to Annual Council 2018.


Pastor Glenn Townend has recently grown his first beard. Other church leaders are doing the same. Why?

Glenn Townend welcomes outcome of Church governance vote

Pastor Townend said the atmosphere during the session was tense "but people shared their thoughts in a very calm way".
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