Sunday, October 17, 2021
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I have a dream

The recent church compliance conversation started Melody Tan dreaming big dreams for future generations.

Exploring equality

What's more important: uniformity or diversity?

What grace gave

Cut the roots and the tree will fall. Does the same fate await Western civilisation?

SPD executive addresses equality questions

The executive committee of the South Pacific Division is requesting the General Conference consider changing its policy to allow commissioned ministers to have the same entitlements as ordained ministers.

Religious liberty: worth fighting for

What happens when commonly held societal values collide with deeply ingrained Christian values like traditional marriage and the right for Adventist schools to preserve their special character?

Jubilee imagination

The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer. This is the reality of our world. But it's not how God imagined it.

Adventist student wins award; meets Queen

An Adventist law student has been named Commonwealth Pacific Young Person of the Year for 2016 during an awards ceremony where he met Queen Elizabeth II.

Balancing rights

We are now seeing played out in the United States and Canada a triumphalist approach to the imposition of LGBT rights in which there are winners and losers, with the religious community being the obvious losers. Is Australia next?

Norwegian Union ends ordination practice

The Executive Committee of the Norwegian Union voted on Sunday to discontinue the practice of ordaining pastors.

Robespierre’s shadow

Good intentions are only really "good" when they take into consideration basic human rights and freedoms.
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