The lost speakers

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During Big Camp this year, I could not find my Bluetooth speakers. I thought I had placed them in the equipment backpack I took to Christchurch (NZ), but halfway through camp I realised the speakers were not there. I knew there was a chance I had left them at home, so I thought I should not come to any conclusions until I returned to Nelson.

However, the fact that the speakers were missing bothered me. I searched my luggage, room and vehicles several times. I went back to places where I had been and asked people about them. No-one had seen them. When I spoke to the security personnel, Pastor Siaosi offered to pray for me. At the end of the prayer, he assured me that the Lord would return the speakers if that was His desire. It was a blessing to have someone pray for me, and I chose to trust God in that matter.

On that same night, I had a dream. In the dream, I saw a suitcase in my room back at home, and then I saw one of the pockets of the suitcase. Then I heard a voice saying, “The speakers are in there.” I woke up so impressed! Did God just give me a clear answer to our prayer? But what if the speakers were not where I had seen them in the dream? Would I get discouraged and disappointed at God? On that day, I chose to trust God—that He would do the best for me whether I found the speakers or not. I had peace of mind for the rest of the camp week.

When I returned to Nelson, I did not go straight to check my suitcase to see if the speakers were there. Instead, I went on a prayer walk, thanking God for Big Camp and for what He was going to do that year. Only when I had finished and returned home did I check the bag and, to my joy, the Bluetooth speakers were exactly where I had seen them in my dream.

While this was a fine example of my forgetfulness, it’s also an encouragement to all of us that God answers prayers. He cares for our great and small needs. Trust in Him.

Jonathan Custodio is pastor of Nelson church, South New Zealand.

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