Thursday, August 13, 2020
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Tag: answered prayer

Out of the pit

You don't always see the results of standing up for what is right. Then again, sometimes you do. Read Miso and Vlado's incredible story.

Bee prayerful

Pastor Marius Jigau thought he had struck gold with his beekeeping/honey-giving ministry. An unexpected turn of events, however, would send him to his knees.

The lost speakers

Does God still speak to people through dreams? For Pastor Jonathan Custodio, the answer is a resounding "Yes".


The concept of a talking donkey didn't come from the movie Shrek. The idea came from God—not for the purpose of comedy, but for the benefit of Balaam and you and me.

My story—James Caldwell

I was living in South Korea for a few years, working as a teacher. But I spent a lot of time in bars, drinking and chasing girls.
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