Thursday, July 18, 2019
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Fact or fiction?

Adventists aren't immune to the allure of fake news.

Brad talks big questions and big decisions

Author's young adult series a reminder of the value of friendship, faith and family.

Following the right directions

Urban exploration is one of Daniel Kuberek's favourite pastimes. A recent search for an old, abandoned train tunnel in the Adelaide Hills, however, almost cost him and his girlfriend their lives.

The lost speakers

Does God still speak to people through dreams? For Pastor Jonathan Custodio, the answer is a resounding "Yes".

When there seems to be no miracle left for me

"They placed Kaelen in my arms. He was warm. Beautiful. Motionless." Hopal's story is heartbreaking, but her faith is incredible.

Fruitful promise

We love to quote God’s promises but how often do we really claim them?

‘What if we loved first, with zero expectations?’

Give, forgive and love . . . without an agenda.

Step out

Camping in the Blue Mountains, Vania Chew thought she was prepared for everything . . . then she was asked to jump off a cliff.

Sanctification 101

We sometimes overcomplicate the concept of sanctification, when it really can be summed in just four short words.

The pregnancy diaries—The dilemma

For Melody and her husband, taking an optional nuchal translucency test—to determine their baby's risk of Down syndrome—resulted in more questions than answers.
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