Vanuatu church installs a tithe house

Minister Lolet Worwor made a special dedicatory prayer for the tithe house, supported by the church elders.

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Members of Hitraty Seventh-day Adventist Church at Melemat, Efate (Vanuatu), have installed a tithe house where members and villagers are being encouraged to return one-tenth of their crops to God.

Deacon Sam Willie built the tithe house over two weeks using his own money and drawing from his experience as a maintenance officer at the Benjor Beach Club Resort.

Deacon Sam Willie (left) built the tithe house and deacon Jimmy Tamkela is in charge of its management.

Recently, all the church members came together for a dedication of the tithe house, with the service conducted by church minister Lolet Worwor. The prayer of dedication was offered by Mrs Worwor, supported by the church elders, and followed by a ribbon cutting. The tithe house was then officially declared open.

Church members gathered their crops and placed them in the tithe house. A special collection of the food was given to the church’s ministers, while other items were priced by the deacons and paid for by the church members, with the funds returned to the church as tithe paid to the Mission.

The last time the church had a tithe house was in 2009-2010. It is seen as an opportunity to share messages of stewardship to the community of Melemat.

Hitraty church members.
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