Mayor visits Adventist school canteen to learn about vegetarian meals

The officials were able to try the food the students enjoy at school.

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A small mayoral delegation from Raiatea has visited Tiarama Adventist College in Papeete, Tahiti, to learn more about the canteen’s plant-based meals.

The canteen provides vegetarian meals daily to around 340 primary and secondary students.

New Zealand Pacific Union Conference education director Rosalie McFarlane said the mayor wanted to find out about the meals, including how the food is prepared, the costs, and the benefits and possible difficulties of setting up a vegetarian canteen.

“Because our canteen provides vegetarian food for our students, they came over to see what the food is like, what we are delivering, to see if they can use it as a model for public schools,” she said.

Mrs McFarlane said the mayor and his team enjoyed the food. Recipes were shared during the five-day visit. The mayor is now keen to see vegetarian meals introduced into state schools in his region.

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