Monday, October 26, 2020
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Long-serving teachers honoured

The three teachers have given 112 years of collective service to Tiarama Adventist Primary School in Tahiti.

Mayor visits Adventist school canteen to learn about vegetarian meals

The mayor is keen to see vegetarian meals introduced in public schools in his area.

38 houses and other mission memories

He fought in court for the conscientious objectors. He was marooned on an island in the South Pacific. He and his wife lived in 38 houses. This was the life of missionary Pastor Ron Heggie.

Baptism and Bible studies in Tahiti

Thirty people were baptised in Tahiti on September 27, marking the end of a two-phase Mission to the Cities initiative held across Faa’a in June and September.

Faa’a Faa’a away (but closer than you think . . .)

“I didn’t expect Tahiti to be, well, so urban,” an American tourist says as she surveys Papeete. Global trends are changing Tahiti, and chief among them is urbanisation.

Adventist woman named government minister

Manolita Ly, director of Family Ministries for the Adventist Church’s French Polynesia Mission, has become the first woman to be appointed to the government’s Council of Ministers.

My story—Yann Atger

I grew up in Tahiti where my dad is a pastor.

History and vision the focus of rally in Tahiti

A large Adventist rally continued on the grounds of the town green in Papenoo, Tahiti this evening. With approximately 3000 people in attendance, the ground was abuzz with energy as singers performed uplifting music with a lively band backing them.

President of French Polynesia welcomes Wilson

Dr Ted Wilson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, met the president of French Polynesia, the president of the Assembly of French Polynesia and the French high commissioner today in Papeete, Tahiti.

Historic rally in Tahiti

After a week of intense preparation by over 100 volunteers, the site for a large Adventist rally was completed on Wednesday, February 6.
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