ACA Health benefits open to more members

ACA Health’s fund manager Jody Burgoyne.

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ACA Health Benefits Fund has announced it is opening up its range of private health cover options to local church officers.

Originally set up in 1934 as a health insurance provider for Seventh-day Adventist employees and their families in Australia, ACA is expanding its services to those who hold offices at local churches, including elders, deacons, treasurers, secretaries and other volunteers.

“We are thrilled to now offer local church officers and their families our products,” said Jody Burgoyne, ACA Health’s fund manager. “We work hard to continually provide our members with value-for-money health cover at a great price.”

According to a press release, this year’s ACA Health premium increase came in at 1.23 per cent lower than the industry average of 3.95 per cent and during the 2017 financial year it paid $A22.2 million in benefits to members.

ACA Health products are only available in Australia.

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