Giving is always an afterthought

(Photo: Unsplash)

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Thunder comes after lightning, celebrations come after victories and tears come after loss.

Less than a third of online crowdfunding campaigns meet their goals. Ultimately it’s because people don’t have enough belief in the fundraiser’s project or product before they’re asked to give.

Giving comes after believing.

  • Donors only fund political campaigns after they believe in the party or leader’s vision.
  • Martyrs only give their lives after they’ve already given their hearts and minds.
  • Church congregations only open new buildings debt-free after they’ve united in mission.

It’s about ownership. If people truly own a project or cause in their hearts, then, and only then, will they give generously of their time, talents and treasures.

In the post-GFC haze of September 2011, Barack Obama said, “We are in a battle—a battle for the hearts and minds of America.” His audience? Sixty dinner guests who had each given $35,800 to attend the dinner.

If you’re seeking supporters for a project, a cause, an idea or a mission, take Obama’s words to heart. You are in a battle, on a very crowded battlefield.

Are you happy with the support you’re getting for your project?

Never forget that giving is always an afterthought.

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