Mediation progress between representatives of the SPD, IIWO and Pastor Gary Kent

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Representatives of the South Pacific Division (SPD) of the Seventh-day Adventist Church, Partners/Donors to It Is Written Oceania (IIWO) and Pastor Gary Kent have been engaged in mediation since May 28 in an effort to resolve serious differences that arose subsequent to the dismissal of the speaker/director of IIWO.

Complex discussions have been progressing in good faith with much prayer and we believe under the active guidance of the Holy Spirit. All parties believe that real progress has been made and are hopeful that an outcome that is mutually acceptable to all can be reached shortly. All parties are endeavouring to apply the biblical principals and manner Jesus gave us for resolving disputes within His Church and which were so powerfully displayed in the early church of Acts.

All representatives would like to thank everyone who has been praying and fasting and say that we appreciate your patience. We need this more than ever. We would all like to return our resources and focus to our God-appointed duty, which as His last day remnant movement, is to spread the three angels’ messages directly into every home in the South Pacific with more power, unity and purpose than ever before.

Issued on behalf of the mediation team of representatives of the SPD, IIWO Partners and Pastor Gary Kent.

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