Winter workouts

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During the summer months the heat can make it downright horrible to exercise. Before long sweat is soaking your clothes and the whole experience isn’t very pleasant. You dream about cooler weather and skipping along on a 5km run bone dry with your heart rate in check and a smile on your face.

Then winter comes. Just looking out the window is enough to put you off getting active. The idea of stepping outside in a t-shirt just seems ridiculous. The temperature’s down, the wind’s whipping about and if you’re really lucky, there’s a cold drizzle coming down.

But just like the heat, the cold shouldn’t stop us from getting active. Here are our top tips for surviving the elements when getting active in winter:

1. Dress in layers

Nothing warms the body up like getting active, but on a cold winter’s day it can take a while to get warm. Wearing a number of light, breathable layers gives you the option of being able to adjust your temperature throughout a workout. A light water resistant jacket to top it off can help hold off the wind and light rain. On windy days, lip balm and face moisturiser can also help protect you from the elements.

2. Stay visible

Winter means shorter days and a before or after work workout can easily end up being done before the sun has come up or after it’s gone down. Stay safe by staying visible with bright coloured exercise clothes. If you’re going to exercise near roads, look for gear with reflective strips on them to make you as visible as possible to traffic.

3. Stay hydrated

Just because it’s not as hot doesn’t mean a hard workout won’t still leave you dehydrated. Remember to keep your fluids up so dehydration doesn’t sneak up on you.

Why not get active inside?

Use your screen. Rather than your television being the reason you’re inactive, get its help to work out at home! Use your smart TV to access any of the thousands of free home workout routines on video sites like YouTube or pop your favourite workout disc in and break a sweat without leaving the living room.

Get reacquainted with the gym. There’s nothing quite like getting active in nature. At its best, the sights, sounds and fresh air can turn a boring workout into a truly memorable experience. But when nature’s not being accommodating, it can be worth checking out your local gym. You might not find the same ambience, but you can find some expert advice and a safe place to build a new workout routine. So why not turn the negative of bad weather into a positive by tapping into some expert advice you can use next time the sun’s out?

For more tips on thriving inside during the cold, dark winter months, click here.

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