The Ten: Resurrections in the Bible (other than Jesus’)

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1. Widow of Zarephath’s son

1 Kings 17:17–24

(Raised by Elijah)

2. Shunamite’s son

2 Kings 4:20–37

(Raised by Elisha)

3. Man tossed into Elisha’s tomb

2 Kings 13:21

(Raised by God)

4. Widow of Nain’s son

Luke 7:11–17

(Raised by Jesus)

5. Jairus’ daughter

Mark 5:35–43

(Raised by Jesus)

6. Lazarus

John 11:1–44

(Raised by Jesus)

7. Tabitha (also known as Dorcas)

Acts 9:36–41

(Raised by Peter)

8. Eutychus

Acts 20:7–12

(Raised by Paul)

9. Those resurrected at Jesus’ crucifixion

Matthew 27:51-53

(Raised by God)

10. Moses

Jude 1:9

Ellen G White, The Story of Redemption, Chapter 22

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