Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Banned for handing out Bibles . . . but cared for...

After seeing miracles and giving his heart to God, John Robin and his family faced difficulties for sharing Jesus. But the miracles didn't end.

The divinity of Jesus

The whole Christian faith hinges on this doctrine.

Book Review: Story Catcher

"Story Catcher is not only a celebration of stories, it is also testimony to a God who is active in our world."

Lest we forget where the Lord has led us

ACROSS LANDS: Bruce and Maxine's miraculous journey.

‘Infertility. It’s hard when you’re a Christian . . .’

Adventist Record editor Jarrod Stackelroth describes the "cyclone of emotions" he and his wife have endured while facing a possibly childless future.

Mission: Mountaintop or mustard seed?

The small moments in mission—and in life—are just as valid as the large ones.

The Ten: Resurrections in the Bible (other than Jesus’)

What goes down sometimes comes up.

Farewell Pam Wood, a justice champion

In 12 years of service to ADRA Australia, Pam Wood helped create brighter futures for people in Queensland.

Metal detectors and miracles

Using science to explain miracles is like using a metal detector to find a plastic container buried on a beach. It doesn't work, and nor is it meant to.

School of prayer

A surgeon didn't remove Sumi Ragulan's tonsils. The young man says God reached down and did it Himself.
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