Adventist bookstores to join forces

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Better Books and Food (BBF) from the North New South Wales (NNSW) Conference and the Adventist Book Centres (ABC) from the Greater Sydney Conference (GSC) have joined forces to create a single online sale site for both stores, a preliminary version of which can be viewed at

Michael Pupovac, ABC Supervisor for the GSC, says, “I think it’s exciting to see two conferences working together to achieve a common goal. By working together, we save money, decrease duplication and realise efficiencies that we could never hope to do on our own. I see this as just the beginning and hope that, in time, other conferences will decide to join us as we seek new, more effective ways of fulfilling our commission.”

Russell Halliday, CFO of the NNSW Conference and Chairman of the BBF Management Committee, says, “The collaborative initiative involves a single point of sale system across both conferences for their stores. This will enhance the customer experience. For example, if an item is out of stock in NNSW, it may be available in GSC. The second benefit is that, with the combined resources of both stores, they are able to have a better-quality online store and shared costs for marketing. We both have a commitment to getting quality Adventist material to customers at the best price possible.” [pullquote]

BBF and ABC teams have received training on the operation of the website to ensure confidence in its use and practical application. Jo-Anne Boudan, Manager of BBF, says, “For the launch of the new site, we have 20 per cent off the Jeremy Dixon Revive Cafe cookbook series. Going forward, the webstore will be an effective tool for Adventist books to be distributed in an all-inclusive and comprehensive manner.”

Right now the webstore has a limited inventory but more products and full functionality will be added over the next several weeks.

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