Sunday, November 28, 2021
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Adventist teacher nominated as an ‘Unsung Hero’

A music teacher at Macarthur Adventist College (NSW) has been short-listed as one of five candidates to win "Australia's Unsung Hero—Music", an award offered by Education HQ Australia.

PNG Adventists in politics: opportunities and challenges

Most people avoid politics like the plague. Yet in Papua New Guinea, more and more Adventists are stepping into the political arena.

PNG authorities back down on Sabbath voting

Electoral officials in Papua New Guinea (PNG) have made changes to the upcoming general election to ensure no Christian will have to vote on their day of worship.

GC Session 101: The nominating committee

Understanding the process of choosing leadership for the Adventist Church.

To vote or not to vote?

As an Adventist, what should I do? Hold my nose and vote for the party closest to my views on everything from abortion to asylum seekers, the economy to education? Or, because there is no perfect party, should I just not vote at all?

Annual Council Members Approve Revival

Voting by kneeling in prayer, over 300 delegates to the 2010 Annual Council session of the General Conference Executive Committee approved “an urgent call for revival, reformation, discipleship and evangelism."
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