Adventist teacher nominated as an ‘Unsung Hero’

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A music teacher at Macarthur Adventist College (NSW) has been shortlisted as one of five candidates to win “Australia’s Unsung Hero—Music”, an award offered by Education HQ Australia.

Ariel Balague from Macarthur Adventist College was nominated for caring deeply for his students, going above and beyond what is expected of a teacher, and giving freely of his time and resources to ensure that all of his students had equal opportunities to learn instruments.

Mr Ariel Balague, music teacher at Macarthur Adventist College.

“Macarthur Adventist College is delighted that Ariel Balague has been nominated for the Unsung Heroes award,” said principal Anna Calandra. “Ariel has worked tirelessly on behalf of our students to give them the opportunity to learn a musical instrument and has invested so much of his own time and resources to develop our college orchestra and music program. As a college community, we couldn’t be prouder of Ariel and all he has achieved. He has truly gone above and beyond for our students.”

The “Unsung Hero” awards are an opportunity to nominate people in schools or teaching associations who have “gone above and beyond’ the “line of duty”. The awards are currently offered in five categories: Leader, Teacher, Music Teacher, Technology and Support.

Voting closes on December 11. Until then, you can vote for the most-deserving unsung hero at this link:

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