Wednesday, January 29, 2020
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Foods to boost your brain power

Ten foods to help fend off the fuzzies and keep your memory sharp.

What’s the deal with low GI?

Have you ever noticed foods labelled "low GI" and wondered what it means?

Going plant based: Better for your body and the planet

Keen to go green in 2018? Eat plants!

Could leafy greens help keep your brain young?

Wouldn’t it be great if your brain could be a decade younger?

Healthy eating: The better value way to better health

Money doesn't grow on trees, but plants can definitely save you money.

Eating plants saves lives

It turns out you can never have too much fruit and vegetables.

Frost wreaks havoc in PNG

Severe frost in areas of Papua New Guinea’s Western Highlands province has had a disastrous impact on local vegetable producers, including a number of Adventists.

Kiwi kids told: eat your words

The Sanitarium Nutrition Service (SNS) is delivering a vegetarian education program in New Zealand schools that’s having some success in changing the minds of children who say they don’t like eating vegetables.

Planting a new garden

Like vegetables, there is little we can do to actually "make" disciples. Yet we all play a crucial role in helping them grow.

Lower cancer risk for Adventists

• Adventist health studies indicate a long, healthy life is no accident • Adventists die later and enjoy greater quality of life
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