Thursday, October 17, 2019
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Healing the wounds of childhood sexual abuse

A compulsory journey of reconciliation.

YouTube mania and the church disconnect

Dr David Pennington says there is a growing and concerning number of senior church members who are watching YouTube religiously.

Fact or fiction?

Adventists aren't immune to the allure of fake news.

Steadfast love

Ross Chadwick discusses his favourite word and why it is so important to our relationship with God.

Bible reading

Pastor Glenn Townend reveals the impact of Bible reading groups led by average people.

28 Fundamentals: Growing like Christ

At 28, Angie Gibson gave her heart to Christ; 14 years on, she no longer recognises herself. (Fundamental Belief #22)

Keeping church local

We are called to be churches—not church buildings—in our local communities.

Does our faith hang on one word?

Were early Adventist biblical scholars unsophisticated, or were they exceptionally deep thinkers and researchers? The answer may hinge on one word (and it's not one you'd think).

Fundamentalism or liberalism?

Stop picking sides. An authentic Adventist is both.

Avoiding genetic fallacies

You've heard of selective hearing and breeding, but what about selective believing? It works like this: a person can believe in science without agreeing with every one of its theories.
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