Saturday, December 14, 2019
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Into every home

Each year the Adventist World Radio offering is one of the biggest offerings collected in our Division. But I wonder how many of us understand exactly how the money is spent?

Any day, any time

"Jesus is coming soon!" It's a message Adventists have been proclaiming for more than 171 years. So does it still hold true, or has the bubble been burst?

New online training tool

Adventist Church leaders and volunteers working with children and vulnerable persons now have an innovative new training tool at their fingertips.

Church in Brazil throws away the bulletin

Here’s a radical idea: Ditch the church bulletin. That’s exactly what a Seventh-day Adventist church did in Brazil, and it is pleased that church members have stepped up their involvement in church activities as a result.


Pastor Glenn Townend used to delete the barrage of junk mail that would show up in his email inbox. Now he replies to every one. Why?


Jennifer Doudna and Emmanuelle Charpentier. Chances are you haven’t heard of these women. Yet there's also a pretty good chance your life will change because of their recent discovery.

San becomes Centre of Excellence

Sydney Adventist Hospital has been recognised as the first hospital in New South Wales to be a “Centre of Excellence” in Prostate Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

Screen Free Challenge

What's more important—time with family or time on Facebook? The Church's upcoming Week of Prayer is the perfect opportunity to both unplug and reconnect.

GC delegates drop e-vote

Delegates voted on Sunday to not use electronic voting at the General Conference (GC) session after repeated tests of the system failed to yield accurate results.

Study shows intrusive impact of ‘anytime email’

Email is intrusive but employees do not want restrictions placed on their use of it at home, research by Avondale Business School shows.
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