Saturday, October 24, 2020
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Lest we forget where the Lord has led us

ACROSS LANDS: Bruce and Maxine's miraculous journey.

2000 Adventist couples renew wedding vows

A record 2000 Seventh-day Adventist couples from across Jamaica renewed their marital vows at a gathering where they learned that the keys to a successful marriage are humility and the full surrender of self to God.

Declaration of dependence

I was standing at Gate 24 at Melbourne Airport waiting to board my flight to Newcastle. Then I got a phone call—the kind of call that turns your world upside down.

Password prayer

I forget passwords frequently. There are just too many of them, they are constantly changing and they can be so complicated—capital letters, numbers, special characters—it all gets a bit much!

Wayward words

Promises should be kept. Christians and non-Christians alike can agree upon that. For Christians, keeping our promises with God is even more important. Why then do we make so many lofty promises that we can’t hope to keep?
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