Wednesday, December 1, 2021
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God’s street artist

"Worx" of art: How Pastor Tulaga Aiolupotea is revolutionising urban ministry.

Uncertain hope

The Christmas story is a powerful reminder that weakness is the way of God.

Marriage Week 2017: Our stories

When boy meets girl . . . and proposes. Four Adventist Media staff members share their relationship story.

Training God’s workers

On July 1, Dr Andrea Luxton took office as president of Andrews University (US), the first Briton and the first woman to do so.

White Christmas*

"Snow camp." For a teenage James Standish, there were no two happier words in the English language.

Little Star

Get ready to be moved. This story about a little star will touch your heart in a big way.

How to save a snake catcher

Meet Les—the snake catcher who was caught by God.

Being the church

Every one of us has a story.

Never forget

We tend to regard death as an end. And, for the most part, it is. A final breath, and a life is finished. A person’s story and legacy, however, do not end in death.

Journey of faith

On a number of occasions I have mentioned that I have never really considered that there is anything particularly spectacular about my journey of faith.
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